At IMC Solutions, our mission is to help clients improve employee performance and bottom-line results through flexible recruiting, consulting and sales solutions. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we don’t just wait for clients to tell us what positions need to be filled. We help them identify their real needs. Every company has talent needs that go unmet, especially in a lean and struggling economy.  Our process and style is to partner and collaborate with you.  We ask questions, listen and analyze what you tell us to identify your real talent gaps. Quite often, we discover together that the real talent gaps are different from what hiring managers think they need.

For more than 20 years, we’ve honed our expertise in identifying talent gaps that impede peak performance. Once identified, we use our deep industry knowledge and in-the-trenches recruiting expertise to identify and attract the right talent. There is no magic formula to do this – it takes tenacity, digging and one human being talking to another to create successful matches.

I have been blessed to employ talented professionals who possess strong intuitions and instincts to accurately identify the skills and talents that any client may be missing…and then finding and recognizing the right talent to meet those client needs. This is what we do. We have an unwavering passion and desire to serve and think creatively to craft the right solution and recruit the right talent.

The beauty of our techniques and client partnering processes is that, while we help clients uncover and discover their true talent needs, together we create jobs. Frequently, we create jobs that did not exist before. I think of it this way – every talent gap that exists in an organization, no matter how big or how small, is a job waiting to be filled. Whether it’s part-time or full-time hours, temporary or direct hire, limited duration or ongoing need. These gaps are all potentially, employable situations, otherwise known as – jobs. And jobs are the very things we so need in our economy right now.

Over the years, IMC Solutions has recruited, hired, employed and placed many, many professionals. Every placement has helped to fill a client’s staffing need while also helping to propel someone’s career forward.

IMC Solutions’ mission and capabilities boil down to this simple but solid statement of our capabilities:

We identify talent gaps and recruit the best talent to fill them.

We will always remain passionate about doing this.  We love solving problems. We love helping American businesses grow. And we love getting people hired!

As we maneuver through political and economic uncertainties, IMC Solutions, Inc., will remain steadfast in our mission to create and deliver new and innovative staffing solutions to meet the needs of our clients, employees and candidates. We will continue to do our part to move the American economy forward, one job at a time.

Linda L. Nicholls
President and CEO

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